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Toonies For Terry 

Our Terry Fox Fundraising event was a remarkable success, showcasing the development of CHARACTER within our community. We extend our sincere appreciation to all the families who joined us, as well as our entire community, for their unwavering support in helping us exceed our fundraising goal. Together, we raised an impressive $1,115, surpassing our initial target of $1,000, demonstrating the values of determination and generosity. A resounding OLV shout out of gratitude goes out to Mr. Knight for his outstanding organization of this amazing event. His leadership serves as an exemplary display of CHARACTER and its positive impacts on the world around us!

Our Fundraising Page   remains open if you still wish to contribute :)

All Things OSTA (bus) : to support your Sept 2023 transportation needs

Information accuracy affects OSTA’s planning. Any changes to your home or alternate addresses must be provided to your school. It is critical that parents and guardians provide their school with any changes to home/alternate addresses AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid extended waiting for a transportation change in the fall. 

Important Deadline – Joint Custody renewals must be done every year! The renewal form for existing variable transportation arrangements (Joint Custody) is available online. Renewal Joint Custody Forms must be submitted NO LATER THAN June 30th by at least one parent/guardian.

The Empty Seat Registration is now open for the 2023-2024 school year. Any students who are not in the Bus Zone may apply for an empty seat via the online form. Please submit one application per student in your household. For more details, visit OSTA’s website. Printed copies of the form may be requested at the school.

OSTA’s Parent Web Portal (Bus Stop Finder) will be closed from the end of June until mid-August. The portal will reopen in mid-August with next year’s transportation information. Please regularly check OSTA’s website and social media pages for important transportation announcements, deadlines, and other vital information.

Are you eligible for transportation but not using it next year? Decline today!

Keeping OSTA informed is important as it allows us to make better use of available transportation services for those that need it! For more information, visit OSTA’s website.

Help make your school zone safer. Reduce congestion around your school site and park away from your school and #Walk-a-Block instead! Find your school map here

Learn all about school bus and pedestrian safety at OSTA’s safety day event on Sunday, August 27th, from 9 am to 1 pm. Children can take a ride on a real bus and participate in Pedestrian Safety training with the Ottawa Safety Council. For more information and to register, visit OSTA’s website.

If your child walks to school, they can now join up with some friends and a trained leader to accompany them to school! Students walk to school with a group of 10 peers and a professional leader, following a specific route and schedule. To see which schools are participating and to register, visit OSTA’s website!

Looking for a satisfying part-time job that fits your work-life balance? Take the wheel and drive yellow! Yellow school bus drivers are impactful workers who are highly valued by our communities for getting kids safely to school. Visit for more information on becoming a school bus driver!

Welcome To Kindergarten @ OLV

Welcome to kindergarten at Our Lady of Victory School! 

Here is a sneak peek of our school and program :)



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