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Please take a moment to read our Weekly Update :) May 24-27th

OLV Lenten Fundraiser

OLV Lenten Fundraiser is up on School Cash Online.

April 4-8th we will be having FUN Fundraisers; For $5 (School Cash online) students can partake in all the below events and have their name put in for the Ultimate OLV Raffle Prize Package ( OLV t shirt, Minecraft Lego, Encanto mug and a teddy bear). Additional raffle tickets can be purchased online as well; $1 each

Monday: Gum Day, Tuesday: Hat Day, Wednesday: Freezie Day, Thursday: Teacher vs Student event ( soccer), Friday: Popcorn- Raffle Day

Latest OSTA Update

Messages from OSTA March 2022

  1. IMPT : There is a new transportation confirmation process for the 2022-2023 school year. Parents who are intending to utilize bus transportation for their students next year must complete this FORM by April 3, 2022

It is important to note that if parents/guardians do not confirm transportation before the April 3rd deadline, their child may not have transportation on the first day of school.

  1. OSTA is pleased to provide another transportation update on its system. VIDEO

  2. Bus Drivers are Superheroes for the Environment VIDEO

OLV Spirit Wear

It is here!!!

Please find the link below to check out our new OLV spirit wear. Deadline is Sunday, Nov 21st to place your order.

PHOTO DAY Oct 20th Info on how to prepare :)

Parents Online Setup

Please take a moment to read how to get SET UP to stay informed on all that is happening at OLV:)

Welcome Update

Please take a moment to read our Welcome Update for September 2021! We are so excited to welcome everyone to OLV!

OLV Weekly Updates will be posted here each week. To find them later you can always go to the Parent Page where there is a drop-down menu :)

International Language Classes Coming this Fall - FREE !!

New this year, the International & Indigenous Languages program is offering the following new languages: Kirundi, Lingala and Kinyarwanda, Pashtu, Dari, and Inuktitut languages at the elementary level as well as regular languages others listed on the website below. There is a plan to offer American Sign Language (ASL) this year as well.

Classes are open to students regardless of language background and free to Ontario residents.

International Languages Registration for Sept 2021

CSPA Summer Institutes for Parents

New this Summer CSPA (Ottawa Catholic School Parents Association ) is offering Summer Institute for Parents, just a few great sessions to get the year started. Want to learn about Indigenous education, culture and more? Need help with the transition back to school? Have kids who are moving into Grade 9 and you're confused about the new math curriculum and what de- streaming all means? These are the sessions for you!!

Summer Institute for Parents 2021

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