School Staff

Deborah Dieplinger (English)
Sandra Kearney (French) 
Wendy Hache (ECE)
Maureen Rogerson (ECE)

Grade 1
Diana Straszak 
FSL: Christine Morin

Grade 1/ 2
Sarah DiNardo 
FSL: Christine Morin

Grade 2 / 3
Lisa Carpinone
FSL: Christine Morin

Grade 3- 4
Joseph Friske (English)
FSL: Anastasia Laboccetta

Grade 4 IMM
Loraleah McCarvill (English)
FSL: Julie Blais

Grade 5 AM
Angela Watson

Grade 6 AM

Grade 5/6 IMM PM

Grade 5/6 Ext PM

Resource Team
Susan Edwards 
Beth Dowe

Educational Assistants
Leanne Ledlow
Maria Moffatt 
Alan Oram
Shawna Reid

Lorena Pasian
Library Technician
Kim Statham

Yves Piette

Office Administrator
Judie Roberge

Luce Paradis

About Our School

Opened in 1961, Our Lady of Victory School is located in the west end of Ottawa serving students from the Pinecrest/ Queensway area, right behind the IKEA. Our community is a wonderful mix of families from all walks of life and nationalities.

Our catholic history: Feast of Our Lady of Victory: Oct.7

In 1521, a request from Pope Pius V, called upon all Christians to pray the Rosary for the success of the battle in Lepanto.
Today, we recognize, respect and celebrate all faiths, aiming for world peace.

Our academic programming:
French Immersion is part of our full-day kindergarten program and again offered in grade four, grade five and grade 6. 
For more information on our French programs:

Before and after-school:
Our Lady of Victory also offers a before and after care program.  More information can be found here.

The school has extensive facilities including:
Large gymnasium with stage
Large outdoor recreation area, sports field and play structure
Smartboards in every classroom
Student Enrolment: 200 
Staff: 24

Luce Paradis

Activities, Clubs & Teams

Our Lady of Victory offers students a variety of activities - this is a dynamic school - see for yourself! 

  • Terry Fox Run (end of September - whole school)
  • Jump Rope for Heart (May - whole school)
  • Annual Halloween Fundraiser (October) (family event after school)
  • Caroling Night (December) (family event after school)
  • Family Fitness Night (February) (family event after school)
  • Annual Family BBQ (June) (family event after school)
Choir (Gr.1 - Gr.6)

Dance Club (Gr.3 - Gr.6 ) for Dance Showcase (tbc)

Interschool Athletic Tournaments (Gr.4-6) 
  • soccer
  • basketball
  • cross-country running
  • badminton
  • handball
  • track & field
Lego Club Gr.1 to Gr.6

Music - Ukulele (Gr.4 - 6)

Part of school programming

Swimming Lessons (Gr.3 - Gr.6 ) 4 times per class

Skating (Gr.1 to Gr.6) Jan- Mar. every 2 weeks

Advent & Lenten Fundraising led by student committee (Share A Smile)

Affiliated Schools

2675 Draper Avenue, Ottawa
Phone: 613-820-9705

Our Parish

2340 Baseline Road, Ottawa
Phone:  613-829-1760