Our school respectfully acknowledges that we are located on the ancestral, traditional and unceded Indigenous territory of the Algonquin Peoples, 
on whose territory we pray, learn, play and work.
School Staff           

                          THE OLV TEAM
Wendy Hache (ECE)

Laura Parlee (Eng)
Isabelle Bobes (ECE)
Mya Milito 

Grade 1
Flora Rivera
Anastasia Laboccetta (FSL)

Grade 1/ 2

Sierra Laderoute (LTO)

Grade 3
Lisa Carpinone

Gr 4-5 Imm (FSL)  

Gr 5 Bl (Eng)                                   
Angela Watson                 

Gr 6 Bl (Eng)             

Gr 4-5 Bl (Eng)                          
Loraleah McCarvill              

Gr 5-6 Ext (Eng)                                           

Gr 5-6 Imm (FSL)                             
Sarah Kavanaugh               
Sonia Rankin
Amanda Buist- Educational Assistant
Kayleigh Comas- Educational Assistant
Gladys Cuervo- Educational Assitant
Julia Hamilton- Educational Assistant
Richard McMullin- Educational Assistant
Alan Oram- Educational Assistant
Andrew Thomas- Educational Assistant
Charlene Williams- Educational Assistant

Sandra Ziroldo

Library Technician 
Kim Statham 

Sakorn Dee - Head Caretaker
Zach Cain- Evening

Extend Day Program
Ingrid Jacobs-Supervisor
Emylee Manning
Muluco Olhaye

Office Administrator
Judie Roberge
Krista Sally

Margie Butler
About Our School

                       SPIRITUAL THEME 2018-2020

We are in the second year of our Spiritual Theme from Micah 6:8 in which we are called to........



Supervision     9:00 
 ENTRY BELL     9:15 
Learning Block 1      9:15-10:30
 RECESS    10:30-10:45 
Learning Block 2        10:45-12:00 
LUNCH     12:00-1:00 
 Learning Block 3       1:00-2:15 
 Learning Block 4        2:30-3:45

Volunteer Opportunities
      Volunteers are a vital and integral part of any school             community. If you would like to volunteer at Our Lady              of Victory Catholic School please complete the                          required paperwork and contact the office.       

Our Lady of Victory is a Peanut-Free School
Activities, Clubs & Teams

                            Proud To Be OLV

Our Lady of Victory offers students and their families a variety of activities - this is a dynamic school - see for yourself! 

  • Terry Fox Run (end of September - whole school)
  • Jump Rope for Heart (May - whole school)
  • Annual Halloween Fundraiser (October) (family event after school)
  • Carolling Night (December) (family event after school)
  • Family Fitness Night (February) (family event after school)
  • Annual Family BBQ (June) (family event after school)
                          Choir (Gr.1 - Gr.6)

                          Dance Club (Gr.3 - Gr.6 )                                                         for Dance Showcase 

                            Kindness CLub 

             Interschool Athletic Tournaments (Gr.4-6) 
      • soccer
      • basketball
      • cross-country running
      • badminton
      • handball
      • track & field
       We are proud to offer as part of our programming:
        Swimming Lessons (Gr.3 - Gr.6 ) 3 times per class

        Skating (Gr.4 to Gr.6) Jan- March

Extended Day Program 

The Before and After program operates with a recreational focus. The daily program plan is developed by the staff and children and reflects the developmental needs and interests of the children in the group. Activities may include group games/sports, arts and crafts and drama.  A light nutritious snack is provided both in the morning and the afternoon. 

Please call the Child Care Services Department at 
613-224-4455 Ext. 2382 regarding registration queries.

Affiliated Schools

2675 Draper Avenue, Ottawa
Phone: 613-820-9705

Our Parish

2340 Baseline Road, Ottawa
Phone:  613-829-1760