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September 2018

October 2018

Water Procedure Memo

November 2018

December 2018

Caroling Night Invitation

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June 2019
Mme Morin
Ms. Carpinone Gr 3
Ms. Callaghan Gr 1

Ms. Carpinone Gr 3
Ms. Callaghan Gr 1

Kinder Jan/Feb
Ms. Callaghan Gr 1
Ms. Carpinone Gr.3

Mme Morin FSL Gr.1,2 &1/2
Mrs. O'Connor
Mrs. Akai
Mrs. Ostroskie Gr.2
Ms. Carpinone Gr.3
Mr.Friske Gr.3/4
Mrs.Watson Gr.4/5
Mrs. McCarvill Gr.5
Gr.6 Mr.Knight

K Newsletter Nov/Dec
Mme Morin FSL Gr.1,1/2, 2
Mrs. O'Connor Gr.1
Mrs. Akai Gr.1/2
Mrs. Ostroskie Gr.2
Ms. Carpinone Gr.3
Mlle Kavanaugh FSL Gr.3, 5/6 + imm 4/5

Mrs. Watson Gr.4/5
Mrs. McCarvill Gr.5
Gr.6 Mr.Knight


Mrs. O'Connor Gr.1
Mrs. Akai Gr.1/2
Mme Morin FSL Gr.1,2
Gr.3 Ms. Carpinone
Gr.3/4 Mr.Friske
FSL Gr.4/5 Mlle Kavanaugh
Gr.4/5 Mrs. Watson
Gr.5 Mrs. McCarvill
Gr.6 Mr.Knight

Gr.1 Mr. O'Connor
Gr.1/2 Ms.Akai
FSL Gr.1,1/2,2 Mme Morin
Gr.2 Ms.Delaney
Gr.3 Ms.Carpinone
Gr.3/4 Mr.Friske
Gr.5 Ms.McCarvill
FSL Mme Laboccetta 5/6
Gr.4/5 Mrs. Watson
FSL Mlle Kavanaugh
Gr.6 Mr.Knight

Suggested Supplies list

Open House/Curriculum Night
to be announced (we are under construction and will not have access to the gym)

Medical Administration Form

Community Resources for Parents

Eyes Parent`s Checklist for Vision Problems

The following forms were sent home recently. If your child's copy was misplaced, you can print yourself a copy here.

Click the links below to review the policies in place in our school:

 OLV Code of Conduct

 OLV Bully Prevention Plan

 OLV Progressive Discipline


Parent information Fact sheet for Lockdowns 

Choir Club 

Frequently Asked Questions
Resource Links for Parents Resource Links for Students

Where will my child's School Bus Stop be?
Would you like to know where your child will be picked up and dropped off by the school bus and the company responsible for his or her busing?
Click here to use the online stop finder tool!

How does Full-Day Kindergarten work?
Our school offers Full-Day Kindergarten classrooms that follow Ontario's Full-Day Kindergarten Program . Information about Full-Day Kindergarten, can also be found in Learning to Play and Playing to Learn, an online booklet about Kindergarten or in a series about Full-Day Kindergarten published in Globe and Mail last year.
Check it out by clicking here.

What were the results of May's EQAO assessments?
Check out: EQAO's website

Ontario Ministry of Education

abc123: Simple steps for your child's success

Public Health & Safety Association

People for Education

Be Web Aware - Internet Safety

Chat Danger - Cell, IM, email, games

Get NetWise

Math Magician Games

Math Arcade on Funbrain

Into the Book - Reading Strategies

TVO Kids

Story Planner

Reading Arcade on Funbrain

Dance Mat Typing

Symphony of San Francisco - Music

Art Project - Tour around the world

National Geographic for Kids

How to Pray the Rosary

Media Awareness