Great achievement for our 3 PGL students

posted Apr 12, 2017, 4:08 PM by Luce Paradis
It's a "Cubes in Space" Contest REPEAT at St. Brother Andre PGL:  Students from each day of the week, joined forces in February and March  to investigate issues and problems affecting humans on earth or in space. The purpose was to isolate an issue or problem that students could investigate as first-hand researchers. To fulfill criteria for the Cubes in Space contest, this issue/problem would require space flight to further their research and possibly lead to a solution.  Many days of research, testing and seeking advice from dentists and university professors, led to a second year with a successful, scientifically-solid proposal for the worldwide Cubes in Space contest. Students will be moving science forward with their first-hand investigation of the affect of space - with exposure to high levels of radiation - on human teeth.

More than 2000 students from around the world, ranging in age from 11-18, participated in this contest. All were hopeful to win one of 80  4x4x4cm cubes, which would carry their experiment to space on either a NASA sounding rocket or a NASA research balloon. We submitted two proposals, hoping to earn a cube for each platform. This will allow students to compare results in different environments with different independent variables, thereby isolating the effects of the independent variables and increasing the SRV (science return value). The PGL students were successful with both proposals; the cubes should arrive within the next two weeks for ballasting, before shipping them back for spaceflight! This was a gruelling process and culminated with students collaborating on an"Intent to Fly" form, the same form used by NASA engineers. Students were very excited: