A Summer Blessing

posted Jun 25, 2015, 12:30 PM by Unknown user

A Summer Blessing

By Gwen Costello


Go now, children, and know that the

Spirit of Jesus will be watching over you.


Go now and enjoy  God’s summer gifts

of warm sun, cooling waters,

and long, light days.


Go now, children, with the gifts of faith,

that you might see God’s hand

in all your work and play.


Go now with the gift of hope,

that you may know God’s guidance,

which is keeping you safe.


Go now with the gift of love

that you might offer love and care

to all you meet.


Go now with the gift of knowledge,

remembering all that you have learned.

With God’s help, live it.


Go now, children,

with these words of Jesus in your hearts:

“I will not leave you alone;

I am with you always.”